The Nature And Function Of

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ITECH2004 Data Modelling
Tasks:Purpose and Learning OutcomesPurposeThe purpose of the assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills developedduring the semester with particular reference to:1. Interpretation of business rules from a case study;2. Conceptual data modelling through t …
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Business Management
This assignment consists of two parts: Part A: An online quiz Assignment 2, which I have done it already. The experts only need to solve the Part B. Part B: The creation of an ER diagram and implementation Reference Style must be (IEEE) …
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MITS5507-Business Process Management
This assignment is to be completed in teams of 3 or 4 members. You should begin by submitting (in week 1 or 2 the signed group participation form at the end of this document. This form needs to be completed and signed by all group members. Once submitted, the teams will remain fixed and no member ad …
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COMP348 Document Processing and the Semantic Web
Question:1. The names of the countries with at least movies, where the Average IMDB score of the movies in the country is at least.2. Names of the movies (except horror movies) and their corresponding IMDB scores, where the score is at least  based on a minimum of votes.3. Name, title_yea …
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INSS651 Database Management System
Questions:Part ARedesign the database including Children table, note you may have to modify existing table(s) and create some new ones.Select ONE accountas main account from your groupOwner of the account should give privileges to other group members so all can work on it.Give the sy …
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