The Opioid Epidemic

Please listen to the attached podcasts and read the attached articles about America’s opioid epidemic. 
Radiolab: The Good Samaritan
NPR throughline: America’s Opioid Epidemic
Vox: You can’t overdose on fentanyl by touching it
Vox: Opioid overdoses and the pandemic

1. Please summarize each of the podcasts.
2. What is the history of opioid drugs in the US? What was heroin supposed to accomplish? What was the Boggs Act of 1951? Why was/is there a distinction between ‘medical addicts’ and ‘recreational addicts?’
3. What drugs are implicated in the current opioid epidemic? Who are the Sacklers? How did they build their drug empire?
4. What changed in the 1990s that enabled the rise of oxycontin? 
5. How/why is the opioid crisis exacerbated by the pandemic?
Optional additional reading:
New Yorker: The Family that Built an Empire on Pain