The topic should about swimming

For this homework submission, you only have to submit one (1) body paragraph.
Before you submit it, please double-check to make sure you are completing the requirements:
1. This submission should be MLA formatted (Proper header, size, in-text citation, NO FIRST PERSON).
2. Your Topic Sentence (Claim) should sound like your thesis.
It should feature the topic for that specific paragraph as well as be argumentative. No quotes, no questions, no facts.
3. It should feature concrete evidence.
Summaries, Paraphrases, Quotations, Statistics, Examples.
4. There are two pieces of evidence in this body paragraph.
With that said, it should be two different types of evidence (Summary/Quote) or (Statistic/Example).
5. After every piece of evidence, you should have an analysis.
This is where you explain the evidence, and how it relates back to your central argument.
6. It should be the proper length (10-15 sentences).