Theorist Report #3

THE REPORT HAS TO BE OVER THE THEORISTS BELOW. The teacher candidate will prepare a report that includes a biographical description, principal teachings, and review of major contributions to the field of classroom management for each theorist included in the report, along with an analysis of the theories to determine their similarities and differences. Finally, the report should include a section that details which theory the teacher candidate feels would best fit their teaching style.  In total, three different reports will be completed throughout the course. Information from reports should come from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. A minimum of three different sources per theorist should be used.  Be sure to document the sources of your reports. Use APA style for documentation with in-text citations, Make sure all guidelines are followed. Wikipedia can be a starting place, but you need more scholarly sources to adequately document your theorists. (CEC STANDARDS 5-1, 5-3). 


Linda Albert
Jane Nelson
Lynn Lott
Alfie Kohn