This paper should be focused exclusively on Paradise Lost. John Milton

Length:no less than2,000 words (not including quotations) double-spaced

Thispaper should be focused exclusively on ParadiseLost.
Choosea focus appropriate for a paper of this length.
Theoccupational hazard of papers on ParadiseLostis a focus that is too broad.

Aimto pick a focus that can be studied effectively in SIX bodyparagraphs.
Hereare some examples of how you can narrow your focus without narrowingits relevance.
Oneway is to restrict yourself to a single book.

TheDescription of the Garden of Eden in Book 4
TheUse of Epic Similes in Book 1
TheAllegory of Sin and Death in Book 2
Satanas Epic Hero in Book 1
EvesTemptation in Book 9

Youmay also pick a focus which requires you to study several books.
Youmay wish to show development or evolution in a character orcharacters or in a theme.

Theevolution of Adam and Eves relationship
Evesrelationship to the Garden of Eden
HowGod and the Son speak to each other
Satansfalling through a sequence of books

Yourpaper should include no less than SIXblock quotations roughly 8 15 lines each.
Studyyour selected quotations with close attention to wording and nuances.
Aimto present a claim in each paragraph that you support through closestudy of the wording.