This project is intended to allow you to think creatively about your community and how you might help to build bridges out of poverty.

Your bridge building needs to be done with reference to your reading and course materials which you must mention specifically in your writing. The following are steps you will follow to accomplish this assignment. 1. Consider what you have learned about the poor, homeless, and working poor of your community or the community you have been studying in this course. 2. Where does your bridge start? It must start in the real world with real people. What sort of people? Where are they? What kind of life are they now living? What is their income? What challenges do they face? 3. Where will your bridge lead to? How will you define and understand the end result you are hoping to achieve? Describe you person or family at the end of the program you will develop. 4. Outline a design your bridge. How will your person or family move from where they are to the end result you have defined? How long will it take? Who will be involved? What sort of support structures are needed? What is the process you will use? Your total paper should be about 4 pages long so it does not need a large amount of detail but about a page each should be enough to address each of the 4 areas defined above.