This week’s reflection question

This week’s reflection question (due this Friday 11:59PM PST) is: (500-1000 words) What is your impression of the Asia Pacific/Pacific Rim from the movie trailer? How does the concept of Orientalism described in the International Encyclopedia of Human Geography relate to this impression? The question is only worth 3 points (so please don’t panic to be turning in your first assignment already). We will have 14 total reflections this term and the lowest graded one will be dropped from your mark for the course. I will also mark this first reflection very generously since it’s our first week. The question is based on the reading “Orientalism” and the movie trailer for the film “Pacific Rim”: I sent you a copy of Orientalism already but I will attach it again for your convenience. Looking forward to a great term as your instructor! Natasha Attachment(s): Orientalism Human Geog.pdf (525 KB)