Throughout this semester you have learned about various concepts standards and techniques used for data governance. In the previous module – Order Paper from Assignment Pros

Throughout this semester, you have learned about various concepts, standards, and techniques used for data governance. In the previous module, you also learned how these relate to the health care system.Reflect upon the examples from the webinar and reading. Reflect upon the data governance concepts, standards, and techniques you have learned throughout the semester.Write a 2 page (12-point font, not double-spaced) case study report that discusses how these cases are incorporating and how they should be incorporating data governance practices.Choose 1 to 2 of the examples for your focus. You can choose the textbook example, the webinar example, or both. Just do not choose more than 2 of the examples.Use the How to Write A Case Study Document under Readings to guide your writing.Be sure to include specific concepts from the textbook to help you clearly articulate your ideas in your report.Be sure to cite any resources you use or direct quotes from the textbook using APA style

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