Timothy Noah, “How Four-Year Colleges Helped Kill Free Community College Tuition”


Timothy Noah,  “How Four-Year Colleges Helped Kill Free Community College Tuition” (Links to an external site.)


After reading Noah’s article, please answer the following: What is Noah’s main message? Who is their audience? Was he persuasive in his message/argument? What made her argument strong and/or weak? 
Also, identify at least one fallacy you observed. If not in the argument itself, by the opposing viewpoint. 
Finally, weave your own perspective on the topic. What are your thoughts on free community college tuition and its opposition?   


Remember to organize your essay/ideas. Do your best to submit in MLA form: 3 pages, well-written, full pages (typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman or another common font). Please do not add additional spaces between paragraphs.