Tracking Energy Levels in an Athlete

researching how to calculate the energy level of an athlete and determine the risk level of the athlete based on their energy level. Once you have determined the level of risk the athlete is in, you will develop a plan for the regulation of energy levels for the athlete. You will provide evidence to support the effectiveness of the developed plan.
Male athlete: 75 kg FFM (8% body fat) Training at moderate intensity ∼1.5–2 hr/day
APA Style Student Paper and Chart
2 Page Minimum (total including the regulation plan chart) Double Spaced Times New Roman, 12 pt. Font Sections: Title Page, Main Body, Reference In-Text Citations -Provide if necessary
Table/Chart Guidelines
Label table with Arabic numeral Provide a brief, but clear title Label and Title should be flush left and single-spaced above the table  Information in the table/chart should be flush left in the cell or column