Transgender Kids

1. Watch the 20/20 video on transgender children (42 min) 
20:20 My Secret Self Complete DocumentaryLinks to an external site.*I want you to know a few things about this documentary.  First, it is a bit older and it includes a diagnosis that is no longer used. It also presents three cases that follow a stereotypical narrative of people who are transgender. Please remember that not everyone who is transgender experiences the same narrative.
2. Watch the Dr. Money and the boy with no penis documentary (now there’s a compelling title! 47 min) Dr. Money And The Boy With No PenisLinks to an external site. 
3. Write a 2-3 page reaction summary describing your reaction and opinion regarding these videos. You must explicitly include and reference both sources (please indicate this within parentheses following your discussion of each source).  
4. In your summary be sure to include an underlined term from the textbook that relates to the subject at hand. Be sure that you do not use the term ‘transgender’ or ‘gender’ as these are too basic. Again you must underline the term that you select and fully explain how it connects to the video in order to receive full credit.