Unit 4 2.Describe the pros and cons of independent living, assisted living, retirement communities, nursing home care, and staying at home.

Kail, R. V., & Cavanaugh, J. C. (2014). Essentials
of human development: a life-span view (2nd ed.). Cengage Learning.

ISBN: 978-1-305-50458-5Although no outside references are required, this should
not be primarily an opinion paper. Your opinion can be included, but it
should be backed up with material from the course. Demonstrate your
understanding of the developmental concepts for that age group.

Answer each question concisely, in a typed,
double-spaced, proofread essay – using facts, logic, and arguments that you
have learned from this course as presented in your textbook. Your answers
should be written in your own words with no sentences copied from the textbook.
Please do not use outside references or materials. Answer each question

Pick one question from each unit to
answer, for a total of four questions.

Each question should take 1 to 2 (typed,
double-spaced) pages to answer, meaning your final submission should be 4 to 8
pages long.

Be sure to indicate which question you are

I suggest you do each one before completing the
exam for that unit, but they can all be turned in at once.