Unit VII Essay – Labor Relations

As the corporate labor relations lawyer for a European car manufacturer, building a new facility in Middle Valley, Tennessee, you have been asked by corporate management to draft a position paper regarding the labor relations process at the new plant. Management would like you to address the prompts below.

Should we attempt to avoid unionization as other foreign plants have in the area, though the company’s headquarters are in a European Union (EU) country with strict labor laws? If so, what should be our strategy now and in the future?
What should be our strategies, tactics, goals, and process be in collective bargaining?
Identify the different laws (i.e., United States versus EU) that might drive the labor relations process.
Draft a one-page outline (in bullet point form) of both mandatory and discretionary benefits that the company should offer if the decision is to draft a contract for the new plant.

Your paper should be a minimum of three pages in length to address points 1, 2, and 3. Point 4 should be a separate page to outline concepts for the new contract. You are to use a minimum of three scholarly references (blogs are not scholarly references). Adhere to APA 7th Style guidelines when constructing this assignment.