US history

(150 word initial post, 50 word response to example post)

promt:Analyze the experience of minorities in America during World War II. What were some of the changes that women experienced? African Americans? Japanese Americans? 

example post:World War II affected American life more than the Great Depression did.  Women found the war a time of economic opportunity. Their unemployment outside of the home rose from 14 million in 1940 to 19 million by 1945. Women were entering industries once viewed as exclusively male, and by the end of the war they tended blast furnaces in steel mills and welded hulls in shipyards alongside men. African Americans faced racial prejudice and this affected their social and economic gains. Nearly 1 million served in the armed forces, but relatively few actually saw combat. They were also denied the chance to become petty officers because “men of the colored race cannot maintain discipline among men of the white race.” This is when A. Phillip Randolph threatened a massive march to force President Roosevelt to end racial discrimination in the workforce, this order passed and as a result African American employment by the federal government rose from 60,000 in 1941 to 200,000 by 1945. Japanese Americans were sent to concentration camps and at first men would line up and volunteer to go fight in the war. Over 1,000 men were sent to go fight in some of the most dangerous battles and after only 1/4 of them survived they started going to more concentration camps and were drafting men saying it was their duty to fight for their country. The same country that put these men in camps and gave them an 8pm curfew, and if they did not comply, they were sent to federal prison.