Usability Evaluation

Usability Evaluation
This assignment requires that you create a free SurveyMonkey or QuestionPro online questionnaire account.

Go to SurveyMonkey: The World’s Most Popular Free Online Survey Tool or Free Online Survey Software and Tools | QuestionPro.
Sign up for a free basic plan or account by following the instructions on the screen.
Follow the instructions on how to create a simple survey.

In this assignment, you will create an online questionnaire. Prepare as follows:

Read Activity 8.2 on page 260 of the textbook.
Create an online questionnaire using your account on SurveyMonkey or QuestionPro.
Insert the six questions in your questionnaire. You may add additional questions if you wish.
Send an e-mail to at least five friends or participants and ask them to participate in the online questionnaire. Include the link to the online questionnaire in the e-mail.
Give your participants a few days to complete the online questionnaire.
Use the survey’s analysis tools to analyze the collected data.
Download and save the report. You may take a screenshot if you wish.
Attach your report to your assignment paper.

Write a 45 page paper in which you:

Include the survey report.
Describe the positive and negative aspects of creating and conducting an online questionnaire.
Speculate on the reliability of the collected data.
Recommend two methods that you can use to validate the collected data.
Based on your experience, describe the major challenges of using an online questionnaire website.
Use at least three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.