Using Textual Evidence: Making Details Speak

Please post to this Discussion Board by Thursday, October 28, and respond to a classmate’s posting by Friday, October 29. Be sure to complete (and share in the DB) all four steps below to draft a body paragraph for your Research Paper which uses evidence in a strong and effective way. For this DB, please use a body paragraph that you have not yet shared in previous assignments for our class. This assignment is worth 20 points.
There are several important areas related to using evidence when you’re incorporating material from research sources: adding more evidence from the texts, smoothly integrating that evidence rather than simply “dropping” quotes into your paragraphs, explaining evidence clearly, and showing how evidence supports your thesis. Choose one body paragraph you need to draft for your Research Paper, and complete the following steps.
Step 1. Jot down the goal of this body paragraph—which specific point in support of (or aspect of) your thesis are you illustrating in this paragraph?  
Step 2. Brainstorm a list of at least three specific pieces of evidence from your research sources that you could include in this paragraph to support your point. List the actual quotes you could use. (List more pieces of evidence than you’ll actually want to use in your body paragraph—try and come up with several ideas so that you can choose the best pieces of evidence for your paragraph.)
Step 3. From the list above, choose the evidence that you actually want to put into your body paragraph, and for each piece of evidence, write a sentence in which you state explicitly what you take its details to mean (in other words, interpret the evidence). Then, write another sentence in which you state exactly how this piece of evidence supports your point in this paragraph (which in turn supports your thesis!).
Step 4. Now write out a complete draft of your body paragraph. Aim for a minimum of seven sentences in this paragraph because you should be explaining at least two significant pieces of evidence to support your claim, and you should be making clear links back to your thesis. You also need to smoothly integrate and cite your source material: see this link for help with using signal phrases to introduce your quoted evidence (Links to an external site.) , and this is a good source on in-text citations (Links to an external site.).