Using the Constitutional Theory of William Sheldon, what part of the theory applies to Speck?

This short paper will focus on a Criminal Profile of Richard Speck.
This is a 2 page paper, but you can write more if you wish. The first page will cover the background of the criminal and you may include any information on childhood history, family history, neighborhood,educational history, childhood friends and adult friends, work history, marital or interpersonal relationships, medical history, and other background information you deem important. The most critical aspects of an offender’s background are those factors that point to criminality. If the offender did well in school then that is of NO concern in the criminal profile. If the offender had problems with the teachers, fought with the other students, acted out in class and played truant, then those issues are pertinent to a budding criminality. You pick and choose what background factors you will pay attention to. The first page will also cover the details of the offenders’ crimes, and give special attention to the major crime. You again pay specific attention as to how he committed the crime, how he selected his victims, the techniques he used to commit the crime, his motivation, the steps he took to avoid getting caught and give some attention to how he was caught. Also, touch on his treatment in the Criminal Justice System. ALL OF THIS IS ONE PAGE, the facts of the offender’s background and the details of the crime are interesting but the HEART OF A CRIMINAL PROFILE IS USING THEORY. Give me 50 pages on background and details of the crime and NO THEORY and that is an “F”.