Video Review Essay

Video Review Papers (VRPs)Each student will write a 1-page review of each of three video clips on select class topics.  Each paper will be due after the class covers the topic for which it is assigned and also discusses the video in class.  The weblinks for these videos are embedded here and also in the relevant portions of the class calendar.  The topics for which video-clips are assigned are The Sociological Imagination (, Socialization ( and Racial Inequality ( This paper will be explicitly split into two sections and labeled accordingly: summary, and comments.  The summary section captures, in the students own words, the key points, arguments, positions or what the video teaches on the topic for which it is assigned.  Flesh the summary with crisp illustration from the video, if any.  Make sure to use language that reports the material you are summarizing e.g. In this video  The comments section offers students the opportunity to briefly discuss the video relative to the class and textbook coverage of the topic: what new things about the topic is learnt from the video; what aspects of the topic are missing in the video; does video clarify the assigned topic for the studenthow?  Conclude with overall impression of the video.  Please read and follow the general guidelines on submitting assignments in page 4 of this syllabus.  I NEED THE TOPIC OF RACIAL INEQUALITY DONE DONE THE THIRD URL