There is a video that need to watch and I have link in here.

Here is the instruction.

Answer the following questions in paragraph format.

1. Part of the fun of the episode is figuring out what “rules” the company should apply. Choices depend on the mix of goals for customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer growth. What combination did you pick?

2. The case showed several factors that could be taken into account for scoring the passengers. What are 1-2 other factors that might be useful?

3. What extra value did the real-time data provide to Air London’s decision-making?

4. Pick another industry in which real-time decisioning could make a difference. Could you create a similar episode to showcase the relative advantage of real-time data and analytics?

Write a short 1 -page summary in APA format (double spaced). No need for a cover and list references at the end of your work in APA format – but no references page required.