Volunteer Leadership Literature Review

This is a revision project. Up to 15 pages Literature Review. I have the 19 articles I will upload. I turned in my Lit Review and failed. It is currently 9 pages and needs to be 15. The grading rubric and results are attached. I need 6 more pages added to the already graded Lit Review and to revise the Lit Review to follow the comments in the Rubric attached. The revisions must follow the reviewers` comments in order to pass. ***I need to revise the Lit Review per the comments made in column “DEVELOPING” shaded in yellow. I must follow the comments made under the developing column in order to pass: REVIEWER COMMENTS: Great start here. However, the review as a whole lacks breadth and depth, and remains superficial in nature. As you revise, write more deeply into what you have found. Sections should not be single paragraphs, but a more comprehensive synthesis of ideas and extant literature. The literature review rubric where I earned “Developing” needs to follow the instructions per the review comments and follow the rubric instructions in the “Proficient” column next to “Coverage of Content” and “Conclusion of Writing and Writing technique” The “PROFICIENT” column I passed and does not need to work on. Are you able to revise this 9-page Lit Review to 15 pages? If so, when I place the order, do I click on “6” Page Count in the order? This is APA (7th edition/latest edition) and double spaced. ****The 19th article I cannot download. It is readable by link only. The site does not allow the article to be downloaded. This is the link: Article 19 is not allowed to download; you can only click on the link to read for free. This is the 19th of 19 articles in my Literature Review: De Clerck, T., Aelterman, N., Haerens, L., & Willem, A. (2021). Enhancing volunteers capacity in all-volunteer nonprofit organizations: The role of volunteer leaders` reliance on effective management processes and (de)motivating leadership. Nonprofit Management & Leadership, 31(3), 481-503. Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.1002/nml.21444 APA format, 7th edition is the latest APA format.