Voter identification cards

are required to write a six plus (6+) page research paper. You must
pick one of the ten (10) weekly paper topics on pages three (3) and four
(4) of the course syllabus, except for Week 1. Again, pick weeks 2 – 10
but not 1. Expand your chosen weekly paper into a well written research
paper. The paper should have three (3) parts: first, definitions of the
positions you are writing on; second, explanation of those positions in
greater detail; and, third, which of the positions you most prefer. I
advise you to use headings for each section of your paper–just three
(3) (something like Background and Definitions, Positions and Best
Position). You may use the book only somewhat as a source. At least
seventy five percent (75%) of your in-text MLA cites are to be scholarly
sources other than your Patterson text.

A-/A papers will evidence the following:

information, including references to recent articles from
semi-scholarly journals (no use of encyclopedias like Britannia, Info
Please, Wikipedia, Presidential Biography, etc; no histories from White
House, Miller Center, Presidential Library or party websites [although
the platform section can be]).Semi-scholarly (Time, U.S. News,
Newsweek, Atlantic Monthly) and scholarly (Foreign Affairs) research
evidenced throughout the paper with at least 3 MLA cites per page (do
not use footnotes or endnotes).Clarity and organization, providing a
title page, an introduction with a thesis, a developed body (double
spaced with one inch margins), a conclusion, MLA style citations, and a
Bibliography or Works Cited page.Proper use of grammar and devoid of spelling errors.Providing a clean, nice looking, readable final paper.One (1) inch margins, doubled spaced, 10 – 12 font, as well as headings.