Website Marketing Review

Disney-trained branding expert & viral marketing pioneer, Rick Schirmer, helps brands go viral. His award-winning experience in the entertainment industry includes activations for Disney, Universal Pictures, P&G, Coca-Cola, Harry Potter, Toy Story,” “The Chronicles of Narnia, The Purge, The Hobbit, Passion of The Christ “The Purge, The Cove, Food, Inc.”

300 write-up from your research you discovered from the reading below. Be sure to answer all the questions below. Also have four questions for Rick Schirmer that you put on the bottom of your assignment.
Review his website (Links to an external site.)
What does ViralBrand do and how do they measure success?
Review his LinkedIn Account and look for one question about his career path in the digital space.   just use this as only source do not need extra or any other source thank you.