WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT An Evaluation of the Dilemma at Benevento Foods: Thinking in Systems

Toprepare for this Assignment:

Read and review the case study Benevento Foods: When the Rubber Hits the Dough. 
Please follow the Rubric for the paper outline
Please review the attached PDF documents
Please follow the assignment template

Submit your business report, toinclude the following:
You are toevaluate the workings of Benevento Foodsincluding production, quality control,and maintenance processesthrough the lens of systems thinking. Through yourevaluation, be sure to address the following:

Identify two to three areas where Benevento Foods applied key principles of systems thinking and where this thinking appears to be lacking. Explain why.  
By applying the concept of a learning organization, evaluate the core issues that you think led to the dilemma. Note: Be sure to consider the 11 laws of systems thinking as you perform your evaluation.
Apply the concept of moral imagination to the scenario and explain how it could help bring positive social change within the organization. Be sure to consider who the stakeholders are and explain how the framework would impact them.