Week 6 business disc post

Investigate One investment choices that interest you from the list below: 

Money Market Funds
Mutual Funds
Government & municipal Bonds
Corporate Bonds
Precious Metals (Gold, silver, platinum, rare earth metals, etc.)
Savings accounts
A Home
Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DogeCoin) 

Once you choose, do some research online and provide a hyperlink to a resource that explains more about the investment option you chose. Then briefly discuss both what you learned from the resource and what you insight are regarding your choice:

What is it about this investment option that interests you
Is this a high- or low-risk investment according to the experts
What risks are there to investing in this option
Other factors to consider when investing in this option

Please be sure that you have completed and proofread your work before posting it as your instructor will be looking for content, business-professional writing, good research, and insights connecting to your personal experiences (where appropriate).