Week 7: Assignment – Tell the Story: Antimicrobial Agents

In this week’s reading, you learned about the goal of any antimicrobial agent: to interfere with the metabolism or structure of an organism so that it can no longer survive or reproduce.  This week’s “Tell the Story” will allow you to evaluate a specific aspect of antimicrobials.
For this week’s assignment, you will:

Review Chapter 11 in your textbook and address ONE of the following topics:

Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Action: Describe the five mechanisms of action of antimicrobial agents.
Characteristics of Antimicrobial Agents – Spectrum of Action: Describe the major characteristics of an ideal microbial drug.
Characteristics of Antimicrobial Agents – Determination of Antibiotic Effectiveness: Explain the various tests used to determine the most effective antimicrobial against a specific organism.
Characteristics of Antimicrobial Agents – Side Effects: Describe some of the most common side effects of the use of certain antimicrobial agents.  

Submit your discussion of the selected topic. Please remember to support your discussion with specific references.