What are the first five (5) results that populate for your search term? List the results by name and include the web link. Include the first five results, even if they are marked as an ” Ad”.

Chapter 2 in the text discusses how to take control of your personal health and wellness. Research, decision making and planning are all key components of taking control of your health. To do this, one skill you must possess is proper analysis of a website to determine legitimacy and reliability as a source of health information. In today’s day and age of ‘fake news’ and convincing scams, this skill is more important than ever.
Below is a list of search terms that someone looking to improve their personal health and wellness might type into a web browser to begin their journey. Imagine you are this person. Select one search term from the list provided, and enter it into the web browser or search engine of your choice. With the list of results that populates, please answer the questions below.