What are the various organizational obstacles to women’s leadership?

It can be good practice in your preparations for each part to undertake a number of activities. Theseinclude:• Establishing key issues/areas raised by the question.• Defining fundamental terms.• Describing contextual information eg background to topic and its significance and/orinteresting statistical data.• Identifying, explaining in detail and cross-comparing relevant concepts, models and theoreticalapproaches.• Applying concepts to contemporary issues within business settings.• Applying models/theories to workplace/organization/industry examples and/or evaluating thepractical application of models/theories.• Drawing parallels between theory and practice.• Evaluating relative merits and drawbacks of opposing academic viewpoints with a view tobuilding independent opinions.• Formulating balanced, persuasive independent arguments based on academic evidence andjudgment.• Stating a clear, overall answer to the questi