What areas do you need to develop?

The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore and reflect
upon the experiences (positive and negative) that have shaped
your literacy development and beliefs about reading and writing
specifically. Additionally, through this response I will assess your
ability to respond to a task using academic discourse as well as
your ability to craft a response creatively. The length should be a
minimum of 2 typed pages (12 font, times roman, double-
It should be written as a narrative. It is your story. You may
organize it chronologically or you may begin with any experience
that is vivid in your memory.
Please do not solely respond in question and answer format.
Weave your responses into a reflective piece that provides insight
into you as a reader/writer. Provide details to place your
development in context for the reader.
Think about yourself as a reader and writer.
What experiences have helped to shape your literacy
development? Think about both your home environment and
experiences in the various stages of schooling ( Pre-school,
elementary, middle, high school and college).
Assess your literacy ability?
What are your strengths?
What areas do you need to develop?
Do you enjoy reading and writing?
Conclude by addressing the following:
What type of environment will you create to nurture
literacy development in your future students?
What experiences do you think are important for children to have
to both develop necessary skills and to enjoy reading and