What can you believe?

Youve been assigned to write an opinion piece discussing this – It’s getting tougher to know what to believe. Why? And does it matter?

In the first half, explore Why its getting tougher to know what to believe? Break this section into four and explain how each factor plays a role:

1. Neuroscience
2. Big Data
3. Social media
4. Failed gatekeepers

In the second half, Does it matter? Pick one of the following and explore how confusion over whats factual has affected the reaction to it. Provide examples of the conflicting versions of the truth and explain why one is more trustworthy than the other(s): 

Vaccines Are they safe? 

Climate change Is it serious? 

Concussions Are they serious?

Video games Do they cause violent behavior?

Explore the issue using material provided and other sources you find on your own make sure to give credit for other peoples work.

(TOTAL length: 2 pages, excluding any title page. 12 point, Times, single-spaced. Value: 25% of final mark)