What did you find most interesting in this week’s material?

3 parts:Part 1: 500 wordsIn a post of at least 500 words, please address the following items. Please clearly indicate as you address each question.1. What did you find most interesting in this week’s material?2. Reflecting on the Pulitzer Prize winning feature stories, why do you think these essays are important for people to see? Explain3. When you interact with multimedia stories, how important are the pictures to you? Explain.4. Finally, how do you see yourself working the knowledge from this week into your work the rest of the semester?
Part 2: 2-3 paragraphs for each photo: my topic is top 10 places to visit in Pittsburgh so the photos have to be related to that
This discussion will require you to search through news sites or image sources like Google Images: https://images.google.com/ or Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/ or other sources! Do your best to find images from actual news sources. Find TWO photos that are related to your topic one that you consider to be really good and one that you consider to be bad. They should be “news” style. This means that they should not be models in a studio, advertisements etc. -Upload both images. Be sure you identify which is good and which is bad -For the GOOD image, discuss (in 2- 3 paragraphs) why it grabs you! Be sure to address the following points in your discussion (and any other points you want to make) Cite where the picture is from Type of shot (close up, medium shot, wide shot etc.) The composition/style? Why does it work? Technical elements: Light/Focus/Shadows What makes it good? -For the BAD Image, discuss the following (in 2-3 paragraphs) Cite where the picture is from Type of shot Composition/style? why doesn’t it work? Technical elements: Light/Focus/Shadows What makes it bad?
Part 3: 2-3 paragraphs
Visit this website of the yearly winners of the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography.To view the essays, click on the winners name and then scroll down. You can navigate the photos left or right. Be SURE that you are starting on the first photo before you begin evaluating it (refresh the page if you are unsure) and click the arrow icon in the bottom right to enlarge the images to full screen. 1) Choose an essay that speaks to you and paste the link at the start of your post. You MUST select an essay that is awarded to one Photojournalist rather than the entire staff of a particular magazine/newspaper. 2) Evaluate the photos and story. We KNOW that they are good, they were recognized for that. Using points made in the videos that you watched, explain what makes these particular stories so compelling. Be sure you address: -composition of images -any captions/text used -presentation of story/order of images -Use of things like color, focus and light