What is a primary source and what is a secondary source?

Step 4: In no less than a paragraph (5 – 6 sentences; one strong paragraph; double-spaced), address the following prompt based on what you learned by reading the Hoffman and Gjerde – How to Read Primary and Secondary. Demonstrate your understanding of citing and utilizing the Chicago Author-Date Style of in-text citations.
What is a primary source and what is a secondary source? How are they each used to write about history? What are some things that historians must determine about these sources before they can appropriately use them in their writing? Lastly, based on this article, what is the job of an historian?
NOTE: To successfully complete this assignment, students must demonstrate in their 5-6 sentence response that they are able to:
identify the characteristics of primary and secondary sourcesidentify how historians engage with and use these sources to do their workappropriately demonstrate quotingappropriately demonstrate paraphrasingappropriately demonstrate correct in-text citations
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Please only do 6 sentence!!!! Not a full essay