What is the bimodal IT concept?

The subject of the case study:DIGITAL PRODUCT MANAGEMENT UNDER EXTREME UNCERTAINTY:THE SINGAPORE TRACETOGETHER STORY FOR COVID-19 CONTACT TRACING (A)Requirements:• one page Summarize the TT case and answer the following with half page in length:1. What is the bimodal IT concept?2. Why did Chan Cheow Hoe build a bimodal organization?3. lWhat IT framework did the TT team follow to develop the TT app?4. Should the health authority stop the usage of the app because of assuage concerns of national surveillance?5. Should they encourage the population to keep using the app due to the emergence of new variants of COVID-19?6. Could a sub-set of TT’s capabilities be repurposed for other Smart Nation related efforts?7. What new types of capabilities and supporting infrastructure should GovTech start putting in place now to prepare in advance for the next big unknown?