What is the impact of diet on health among the poor and what dietary changes if instituted would improve the health of the poor?

Sociology Final Exam Part One Please answer the following four essay question in part one 1. How does being poor affect health and how does health increase or decrease our chances in life? (hint Explain from conception to death) Why is poor health more common in poor neighborhoods and what could be done to reduce health inequality? What is the impact of diet on health among the poor and what dietary changes if instituted would improve the health of the poor? How does healthcare in America compare to healthcare in other industrialize countries? Will Obama care make a difference for the better or is it a waste of money? Discuss. Finally how does poverty affect mental health and what could we do to improve the mental health of the poor? 2. Describe the structural functionalist explanation of inequality and compare it to the conflict theorist explanation of inequality. Does either theory fully explain inequality and if you were a sociologist which approach would you use and why? How does race and gender factor into inequality? 3. Discuss some of the things that impact on our chances of succeeding in society. What opportunities do the rich have to succeed that the poor or even the middle class do not have? Is education the great equalizer? Why/Why not? What can we do to give the poor a more equal opportunity? What keeps our society from helping the poor? Why do we blame the poor for being poor? Why do most Americans accept inequality rather than trying to make society more equal? Is inequality good bad or both? Discuss. Why does such a rich society have so many homeless people? Should we use affirmative action to make up for inequalities and unfairnesses of the past? Why/Why not? Do poverty programs such as head start work and should we expand them? Why/Why not? 4. Discuss the campaign black lives matter. What does this phrase mean? Why do police harass black and Hispanic young men? What can be done about this harassment? Why are minority police officers often involved in harassing minority men? Why do we have the largest prison system in the world and what is the relationship of the prison system to racism? How will the election of Donald Trump affect the lives of black and Hispanic men and why did so many people vote for him. Finally, what is white privilege and how does racism create white privilege? What can be done to change this situation? Exam Part 2 Please answer one of the two following essay questions 1. What is class consciousness according to Karl Marx? What do we mean by false consciousness? The concept of false consciousness explain partially why unions have declined in the United States? How has the decline in unions affected the lives of blue collar workers and the poor? Is Donald Trump right to try to stop jobs from going overseas and will this help the poor? Discuss the pros and cons. Can capitalism, a system based on inequality ever create equality? Discuss 2. Discuss race and gender and the impact that both have in increasing the likelihood of living in poverty or wealth. Discuss downward mobility upward mobility and the newly poor. What could our society do to reduce downward mobility and stabilize and expand the middle class? Should we create a taxation system that reduces inequality by increasing taxes on the rich? Define class and class struggle? Does individualism affect inequality? Why/Why not? Social Inequality Sociology 37 Final Exam Part 2 Definitions Please define the following 25 words 1. Legitimate 2. Equalitarian 3. Meritocracy 4. Conjoin 5. Parochial 6. Color effect 7. Intergenerational Mobility 8. Circular Mobility 9. Open Society 10. Onerous 11. Cultural Capital 12. Secondary Market 13. Homogenous 14. Morbidity 15. Absolute Downward Mobility 16. Status Attainment 17. Opportunity Hoarding 18. Seniority 19. Competitive Sector 20. Open Market 21. Social Causation 22. Mental Illness 23. Objective Evaluation 24. Legitimation 25. Principle of Differentiation acess the book by: Hurst ill send you my log in , in the messages.