What radical things have you heard about Jesus lately?

What radical things have you heard about Jesus lately? In this second group discussion, find one radical statement concerning the historicity of Jesus Christ that has been published in the recent past (within the last ten years).  Feel free to take your research back a few years, but more recent research is better. You may find that news magazines such as Time and Newsweek are easily accessible sources, but these are just suggestions for a starting point; do not necessarily limit yourself to these two popular magazines. Summarize your findings, including a title, the source, the author or proponent of the radical statement concerning Jesus, and a synopsis of what was said. Feel free to be flexible here; the main thing is that others in your group have enough information to enter into the discussion. As a group, discuss what the media is saying about Jesus, and how this is impacting society, both in the secular and religious realm. It is encouraged that you discuss the particulars related to the “radical things” discovered by the group. In your discussions, seek to draw out the fallacies being promoted about Jesus, and attempt to refute these fallacies as a group