What Type Of Rock Is Generated When Rocks That Formed Near The Surface Become Deeply Buried And exposed to intense pressures and/or heat?

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What is the most characteristic feature of sedimentary rocks? (1 Mark) 7. What type of rock is generated when rocks that formed near the surface become deeply buried and exposed to intense pressures and/or heat? (1 Mark) 8. When determining rock composition, describe the test that can be used to determine whether it contains the mineral calcite. (2 Marks)
Choose an energy source from this list: petroleum, coal, wood, wind, or hydroelectric. Explain how we use this energy source, and how that energy is a transformation of prior solar energy. 2. Water is one of the few substances that does not continually contract and become denser as it cools. If the inversion that takes place at 4° Celsius did not occur, our lives and our environment would be different. Identify and describe two such aspects that would change if water molecules didn’t make this change!
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