What were the barriers and also the successes of the challenge?

Is Reflective Journal and Actual Plan for Enterprise Creation I will upload all information and question you must answer – I am also upload my lectures during this time ,from them you can find information .Example -which topic we take on 2 June and you can say -On 2 June we introduced by our teacher for Idea Generation ,what is ,how is used ,how this will help me for the future .I am also uploading the template that you must write on it ,you must watch the lectures and take all information and explain what is ,how is used ,what you learn ,what is you perception ,how you feel when you start to study this module were you scared or did you like this subject, did you like the teacher ,do the answer positive but not too much and also for the final exam we have to do grope business plan with pitch so you must say what is feel to work as a grope and I can make business plan and I really enjoy it when I make it but I do not like to work as grope ,all questions is in documents you must read it ,watch the lectures and answer ,leave the dates but you must write for ALL LECTURES AND TOPIC for Actual Plan use -Set your Goals as Specific; Measureable; Achievable. Realistic, Timely(S.M.A.R.T) My goal for the future open Bakery .Reflections on what skills, knowledge and attributes you demonstrated during this Module. What were the barriers and also the successes of the challenge? Provide examples to support your answer. Reflection on knowledge; skills and abilities – what particular knowledge, skills and attributes did you have and develop both professionally and personally in the completion of the module? Reflect upon and review the benefits you have gained from engaging in the Module.