What were the two instruments used in a pretest and posttest?

Based on Lenz, A. S., Gerlach, J., Dell’Aquila, J., & Pester, D. (2020). A Mixed‐Methodological Evaluation of a Subjective Well‐Being Intervention Program With Elementary‐Age Students. Journal of Counseling & Development, 98(2), 200–206. https://doi-org.lopes.idm.oclc.org/10.1002/jcad.12314 respond the fallowing questions: 1. What was the independent variable? 2.What was the dependent variable? 3.What was the research question? 4.What were the two instruments used in a pretest and posttest? 5.What was the internal consistency score of each instrument? What does internal consistency measure and what is its significance? 6.What is a t score? Why is it significant in research? What did the t score reveal in this research project? 7.What were the confounding variables which may affect the efficacy of this research? 8.What was the qualitative dimension of this research project? What was the quantitative dimension of this research project? How did these two dimensions contribute to the final evaluation of the effectiveness of SWIP? One important measure of the efficacy of a research project is its application to other audiences. Would a researcher use SWIP in other schools and other settings? Why? Why not?