Which of the Following Structures is Most Likely to Contain Neurolemmocytes

Which of the following systems would be most affected by a temporary drop in blood glucose levels?
a. Nervous
b. Digestive
c. Cardiovascular
d. Urinary
2) Which of the following statements about the duodenum is FALSE?
a. It is short compared to the jejunum.
b. Bile is secreted into this part of the GI tract.
c. It has endocrine function.
d. Most absorption occurs here.
3) Which of the following statements about the Krebs cycle is NOT true?
a. The process occurs in the mitochondria.
b. The major end product of the cycle is ketone.
c. Carbon dioxide is produced.
d. Fatty acids or amino acids can enter the respiratory chain here.
4) One of the major functions of the large intestine is to
a. secrete digestive enzymes.
b. absorb nutrients.
c. regulate gastric motility.
d. store waste materia
Question 5 1 pts Which of the following structures is most likely to contain Neurolemmocytes? The Vestibulochochlear nerve o White matter of the brain Grey matter of the brain Cauda Equina of the spinal cord
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