Wills trust and estates Case Study

In a startling turn of events that had crime fighters everywhere disappointed, Batman gave up his crime fighting career and moved to Detroit, Michigan, to start mass-producing Batmobiles in the GM plants. Batman did this for many years.
When he was 70-years-old, he married Catwoman who was 35 years old. They lived happily for a few years. When Batman was 77, he was still in good health, but his memory did begin to weaken and he sometimes found himself unaware of his surroundings.
A few weeks after the onset of these symptoms, Catwoman took him to a lawyer’s office. During a meeting with Riddler, the lawyer, Catwoman convinced Batman to re-do his will. Under his old will, all of Batman’s money was to go to local crime-fighting organizations. Catwoman convinced Batman to change his will to give all his money and property to Catwoman.
At first, Batman was reluctant to change his will, but Catwoman pressed and pressed. At one point, she threatened to leave him unless he changed his will. She also told Batman that he had promised to change his will to include her. Although Batman had no recollection of saying that, he figured that it was just his faulty memory and he believed what Catwoman had told him. In fact, Catwoman was lying and Batman had never made any such promise. Nevertheless, Batman caved and changed his will to suit Catwoman’s wishes.
Two years later, Batman died of a heart attack brought on by too much stress when he was younger. Catwoman moved for the will to be admitted to probate. The organizational beneficiaries of Batman’s first will appeared in court to argue that the second will should be invalidated because Catwoman exerted undue and unfair influence over Batman in the process of re-doing the will.

***Please write an essay explaining who will win under Michigan law. Please make sure to include appropriate citations to case law.
An IRAC-style essay is appropriate for this assignment.