With reference to the scenario below, what standards, codes, or policies might Nate be violating?

Using the client information provided, respond to the critical thinking questions. Scenario Kelly is in the second year of her nursing program. Her current clinical assignment is on the general medical-surgical unit. Kelly is excited to be caring for clients and looking forward to learning from her clinical preceptor, Nate. On her third clinical day, Kelly notices that one of the clients she is assigned, Mrs. Wade, has developed a fever. Mrs. Wade has been admitted for abdominal pain of unknown origin. Kelly notes that Mrs. Wade is experiencing abdominal tenderness, pain in the upper right quadrant, and severe nausea during her nursing assessment. Kelly alerts Nate immediately, but instead of helping her address Mrs. Wade’s condition, he starts drilling Kelly with questions and demanding that she provide a solution to the problems Mrs. Wade is experiencing. In an angry and condescending tone, Nate says, “Look, you’re in your second year of the nursing program, and I shouldn’t have to hold your hand. You’re wasting my time, and I’m tired of dealing with incompetent students. I suggest you figure it out. I’m busy.” At that point, Nate turns and walks away to care for other clients. Critical Thinking Questions: 1. How might Kelly be feeling? 2. How might Nate be feeling? 3. What factors might be motivating their respective actions? 4. How might their interaction affect client care? 5. What standards, codes, or policies might Nate be violating? 6. How might Kelly approach Nate using ‘I’ statements, neutral observations, and other effective communication skills? 7. How do you think Nate might respond? 8. Based on Nate’s response, what might be Kelly’s next step?