work and labour

Matters of work are a primary concern for most young Canadians today. One of the recurring themes isthe difficulty of finding a good jobone that is permanent and offers security. Social analysts haveidentified this as a major crisis within the labour market today. Previous generations did not face sucha degree of difficulty in trying to launch their careers and establish themselves in the labour market.Discuss the economic and political transformations that have contributed to the difficulties youngworkers are facing today as they search for increasingly elusive secure and well compensated,permanent jobs. Are there any indications that the labour market will improve or continue to worsenfor young workers in the near future?
Your paper must include references to at least 3 sociological works (books, chapters in editedcollections, journal articles) outside the course materials. Introductory Sociology textbooks andmagazine or newspaper articles may be used but they do not count toward the 3 required outsidesociological references