Write a 2 page essay telling my personal story with details and analysis of the lyrics.

Give the song a little background by introducing the song title and the artist. The song title should be used in quotation marks and used consistently. provide a thesis that can be the over all feeling and experience that I can remember from the song or a combination of both and also use very descriptive words and strong vocabulary
The body paragraphs should do the following:1. Describe the song: Where were you when you first heard it?     a. Describe that setting in detail.    b. Tell a story about a what you can remember surrounding a specific experience     with the song (this can also be done in multiple paragraphs). 2. Discuss some specific lyrics of the song BUT please dont type the entire song in the essay to take up length.     a. You are welcome to quote a few lines to help your audience better understand     the song as titles are often misleading.     b. Your discussion should include WHY these particular lyrics stand out and     WHAT effect they have/had on you.3. Discuss how the song sticks with you today.    a. What lasting memories has the song left you with when you hear it?     b. Is it something that you listen to often or just every now and then you hear it?             DESCRIBE,     DESCRIBE, DESCRIBE!         Reminders: Make sure your body paragraphs flow one to the next with             strong transitions to start eachflow is very important!