Write a letter + your essay topic

For this assignment, write a letter to a councilmemeber, government official, business, or other person with a stake and power concerning the issue your are writing about for your fornal research essay (Remember, essay 2 will be a more lengthy extension of essay #1).  Your letter may be to a city council member, but depending on your topic it may be instead to a business owner, organization, the public, politician, or other specific person or group. Be as persuasive as possible, and ask the person/group for help–be as specific for what you want as possible. You are not required to send this letter, but do include a mailing address in your formatting–even if it is something made up–to show that you set up the letter in a formal way.  This is an important exercise as this one way to be engaged in making the changes you want to see.
At the top of your letter include the date, and be sure to begin your letter formally, perhaps with “To Whom it May Concern,” or, if you are directing it to an individual, begin with “Dear,” or other formal greeting.

Here are some things you might include in your letter:
State your name, your role (e.g., a student in social work at LATTC), and if you are a constituent of thelegislator be sure to state that fact.
 Identify clearly the issue that you are writing about. It is always helpful tolet the public official know why you are professionally and/or personallyinterested in this issue, and why this issue is important.
 Include a statement as to what you are asking of the elected official. Forexample, you might be asking them to:o support a particular billo sign on as a co-sponsoro hold a public hearingo advocate for a particular mattero attend a function
Invite the public official to get back to you to discuss this matter further,especially if you have expertise in a particular area, and that you would beavailable to / or welcome an opportunity to meet with the elected official toanswer questions or to further clarify this issue. Include your contactinformation so the legislator knows how to contact you.
 Find your elected officials: https://www.usa.gov/agencies