write a memo

Read the case below and then complete the assignment to demonstrate what you currently know about technical communication strategies.
Parking at Alabama College
At the commuter college you attend, Alabama College, parking lots are overflowing, except the parking lot for the Special Events Center, which is large but 1/2 of a mile from the closest classroom buildings and nearly a mile from the farthest classroom buildings.  All of the lots are open and free to anyone; none are specially designatedexcept, of course, a few places near building entrances for handicapped people.
Cars are commonly parked illegally, that is, an extra car at the end of a row, cars lining the yellow-painted curbs.  It has become difficult at times to maneuver a car around some of these lots, and there have been several fender-benders.
Since you are also employed at Alabama College as a student worker, you have been appointed to serve on an advisory committee tasked with coming up with a plan to address the problem.  Your committeemade up of a faculty member, an administrator, a classified staff member, a non-employed commuter student, and youhas brainstormed the following possible solutions:

Do nothing.
Do nothing except issue warnings, and then start towing cars parked illegally and/or blocking traffic.
Buy land and build more parking lots.
Designate faculty parking in some lots close to buildings to placate irate faculty.  Students would then be forced to park farther away (but hey, they need the exercise, right?).
Designate faculty parking but charge faculty for their parking stickers.
Charge everyone a single $100/year parking sticker, good anywhere, in the hopes that this will encourage more bicyclists and walkers.
Start charging on a graduated scale: $100/year for parking stickers good for the closest lots, within 40 yards; $80/year for lots within 100 yards or so of classroom buildings; free parking for the Special Events Center lot.
Force faculty to park only at the Special Events Center in the hopes of creating goodwill among students (and improving faculty health with the exercise?).
Sell all parking stickers for $100/year, but give faculty and students choices for lots.  That is, if a student wants to park near the Art building, the student requests a sticker for that lot.  But there cant be any guarantees that anyone gets exactly the lot asked for; a student or a faculty member may have to settle for a second choice.

Assignment: Memo to Committee
The college administration says that, for the time being, buying more land and building more lots is not feasible.  At the next committee meeting, your team will look for consensus and try to prioritize solutions.  You will not be able to attend the meeting and will send copies of a memo to each committee member arguing for your preferred solution.  Your assignment is to write that memo.
You will need to acknowledge any drawbacks in your choice.  Be careful about offering up a brand new solution, something that isnt on the committees brainstorm list.  It would be difficult to get consensus on something newespecially since you will have to rely on your memo to speak for you at the meeting.