Write aCritical analysis of your second chosen work

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=278BOgd-qBA (link to the concert video)
General Instructions: Write a report based on a video recording of a concert following the instructions here. Concerts must be at least one hour in length. You must get instructor approval for your concert before you begin working on a report. Once your concert has been approved, you can post it to the Approved Concerts discussion on Canvas for extra credit. You do not need further approval to write about concerts posted in this discussion.
Unlike the previous two concert reports, this one should be written about a concert of music that is NOT Western classical music. Your task with this report is to apply the classical-music concepts, terminology, and history you have learned this term to better understanding music from outside of that tradition.
Concert Report Formatting: Papers should be double-spaced and typed in a legible font.
Concert Report Content: In the first paragraph, provide the basic concert information: where it took place, when it took place, the names of the performers involved, and a list of the musical pieces performed. Please note that you do not need to list the name of every performer in an ensemble.
After this introductory paragraph, choose 2-3 pieces of music from the concert and discuss each one according to the phases of critical listening. In other words, for each of your chosen pieces, provide objective descriiptions of the work’s sounds (including SHMRG and other class terminology where appropriate), a detailed examination of your subjective reactions to the music (including emotional, physical, and intellectual reactions), and then provide a critical analysis of each work (in which you explain your hypothesis about what the work is trying to accomplish and why it is the way that it is, including evidence to support your analysis).
Finally, wrap up your report with a one-paragraph conclusion in which you present your general impressions of the concert experience. Here is the same information in outline form:
I. Introduction (1 paragraph): basic concert info (where, when, who, what pieces were performed)
II. Main Body, part 1:
A. Objective descriiption of your first chosen work (including course terminology)
B. Subjective reactions from your first chosen work
C. Critical analysis of your first chosen work
III. Main Body, part 2:
A. Objective descriiption of your second chosen work (including course terminology)
B. Subjective reactions from your second choWrite aCritical analysis of your second chosen work
IV. Main Body, part 3: (if you’re writing about three works; same as above)
V. Conclusion (1 paragraph): general impressions of the concert
Grading: I will be grading your concert reports according to the following criteria:
• Is your report at least 1,000 words long? If not, you will lose at least 10%.
• Did you follow the formatting requirements?
• Did you include detailed and accurate objective descriiptions of 2-3 works?
• Did you use course terminology accurately and effectively when appropriate?
• Did you include detailed and thoughtful subjective reactions to 2-3 works?
• Did you include carefully considered critical analyses of 2-3 works?