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Assignment 3: Early Literacy Assessment

For this assignment you will get the opportunity to observe and assess a child’s Early Literacy Skills.  

You will read a story of your or the child’s choosing to a child aged 3-8. This assignment can also be completed virtually with a child, if necessary.
You will record the child’s responses using the “1 ELA Form” ,  You will also compare your data to the NJ PreK Language Arts Standards (PreschoolELA Form).
You will then compare your data to a checklist using the “2 ELA Step Checklist” form
Lastly, you will complete a Learning Prescription on the child using “3 ELA LP” form.

Note: If you are not able to conduct a live or virtual observation with a child, you may use the video/work sample below:

 ELA Worksample.pdf ELA Worksample.pdf – Alternative Formats  

The NJ Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards for Literacy is linked here:  PreschoolELA.pdf PreschoolELA.pdf – Alternative Formats