Write an essay

FIRST, watch youtube lecture on Browning’s “My Last Duchess.”  Click on WEB LINKS on left panel for the link to this.
We’ll start the POETRY UNIT with your developing the necessary skill of learning to READ closely (or paraphrase) a poem.
Look up “paraphrasing a poem” by ‘googling‘ these words (you’ll see plenty of sites with examples and instructions for paraphrasing poetry), then follow instructions below. 
YOUR WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT (submit in submission box): Write a line by line PARAPHRASE of the poem “My Last Duchess”. ‘Paraphrasing a poem’ simply means to interpret each line in your own words. Do the best you can.  One thing to emphasize is that this is a “DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE.”  The speaker in the poem (The Duke) is addressing a marriage broker who represents an aristocrat with a marriageable daughter.  The marriage broker NEVER speaks.  NOTE:  this assignment is worth twice the usual amount, 30 points.