Write an essay/memo should be about and regarding Spotify 3 pages Double-spaced with 4 sources.

Write an essay/memo should be about and regarding Spotify 3 pages Double-spaced with 4 sources.Expectations. The memo should provide a research-based analysis of products and brands by (1) evaluating the organization’s product strategy and (2) evaluating the organization’s brand strategy.
1) Evaluates product policy byeffectively assessing ALL ofthe following:• Product mix breadth;• Product line depth;• Product item design; and• Product item lifecycle.
2)Evaluates branding byeffectively assessing ALL ofthe following:• Brand identifiers andarchitecture;• Brand meaning andmessage;• Strength of brandelements; and• Brand management.
3)Successfully uses in-textcitations from (and providesend-text references for) at leastFOUR relevant, credible, andaccurate sources.
4)Successfully adheres to allwritten deliverable orpresentation deliverableguidelines. The presentation isclear, concise, and easy tounderstand
Refer to the Product Policy reading. Include mix breadth (e.g., variety and number of lines), line depth (e.g., number of itemsin a given line), item design (e.g., product structure, characteristics, innovation attributes, etc.), and item lifecycle (e.g.,introduction, growth, maturity, decline).7 Refer to the Brands and Brand Equity reading. Include brand identity/identifiers (e.g., name, logo, colors, design, etc.), brandarchitecture (e.g., family, type, etc.), brand meaning (i.e., customers perceptions about the brand), core brand message (e.g.,simple, different, true, relevant, etc.), brand strength (e.g., four pillars), brand elements (e.g., memorable, meaningful etc.), andbrand management (e.g., approaches, value, defense strategies, etc.)
Again, this essay is about all things and topics on this about the music streaming company, SPOTIFY.