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I noticed the extreme wide shots used to frame the dog’s journey to find the baby, which seemed to convey to the audience the great distance the dog traveled, reinforcing the immense scope of the film’s world and building tension/drama with respect to whether or not the dog would be able to locate the baby (raising the film’s stakes). I also noticed that the film starts with a medium close up shot of the baby and the dog framed next to one another. I believe that this was done deliberately to establish the close connection between the baby and the dog (the film’s protagonist) from the start and to foreshadow/signify the main storyline of the film. In terms of notable edits, the sole editing technique utilized in the film are a series of cuts: the many cuts between various scenes and environments which occur during the dog’s journey to find the baby almost serve to overwhelm the audience with the duration and scope of the dogs journey: cut after cut to one scene after the next in the dog’s journey also help to establish the chronology of the journey by segmenting it into distinct scenes.