Writing assignment #1

Writing Assignment Number 1Chapter 10 Application Exercise 10.19 (Page 332 & 333)Use the AIDA strategy to rewrite the sales message (Exercise 10.19) to improve it.The lecture notes specifically discuss this pattern. You may change the wordingand format of the message; however, dates, speakers, and other facts mustremain the same.Remember the Cscomplete, concise, correct, concreteRemember to make it easy on the eyes (reader benefits). You may choose to use abulleted or number list as well as a table. These are not requirementsjustsuggestions.Focus on the readeryou voice rather than I voice.I will be looking for each part of the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)patternin that specific order.Avoid unnecessary or confusing wording.DO NOT use the wording in the current message. Write it in your own words.DO use the important information such as speakers, dates, topics, e-introductionfeature, free food, etc.Create your assignment and attach it the link below. If you have time, have yourgroup members read it and give you feedback before you submit the final draft.